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About Elevated Discourse

Elevated Discourse is a free weekly devotional that is emailed to all subscribers written by David Wren. In it, David strives to provide practical Biblical teaching for the purpose of helping readers to live their faith more boldly, unapologetically, and confidently in a world that denigrates such belief. After all, sharing the Gospel starts by living the Gospel.

David lives in Franklin, TN with his wife, Nikki-Dee, two children, and three rescue dogs. Together, David and Nikki-Dee have published a children's book called Laura-Leigh Learns About Storms, a book for children of all ages to learn practical severe weather safety practices as well as lessons in faith to endure the storms of life. They are members of Zeal Church in Nashville, TN, where David leads a men's Bible study group. David is currently in pursuit of his Master's degree in Biblical Exposition. 

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