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Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

There’s so much more to the Bible than just the words on the page. It’s easy to get trapped into just reading the words on the page, but the Bible comes to life in new ways when we remember that these were real people with real emotions, thoughts, and actions. It comes to life when we remember that these are true accounts of our Lord and Savior interacting with us in the flesh. We can all get a little weary of reading the same words over and over again. But we also know the Bible takes on new meaning when we read it at different ages and circumstances in our lives; so if you are needing a new spark in your reading, consider it from the perspectives of those who lived it. Who were they? What were their circumstances? What would it have been like to be there? But even past that, studying the Bible is about getting to know Jesus. There are Bible scholars out there who can tell you anything you want to know about the Bible, but can't tell you who Jesus is and what he's done for them. Thus, the goal of studying the Bible is not to memorize its content but to draw closer to Jesus. One way to do this is by understanding him through other perspectives than just our own. Today, if you need a spark in your Bible study, consider it from different perspectives. If you need it, there are countless resources out there that can provide those!

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