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Elevated Friday, September 25th, 2020

Happy Elevated Friday! Today we highlight an uplifting story of one woman who has turned her struggles into blessings for others. Kerry Wiles, of Nashville, works full-time as a scientist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center but after a breast cancer diagnosis in 2018, she began driving Uber and Lyft on weekends in order to connect with and hear the stores of other people. Kerry noticed the large and growing homeless population as she drove around, and resolved to use the money she made from ride-share driving to help them. Each week, she prepares PB&J sandwiches that she drives around delivering to around 100 homeless people. Through doing this, she has connected with a 24-year old man named Ryan Caldwell who immediately connected with Kerry over a shared mission. These days, they both drive around together delivering the meals and have become, as they describe it, best friends. Kerry and Ryan’s friendship and fulfillment in life can be directly attributed to their shared love of helping others.

We all want to live fulfilling lives but most of us do not know how to, or if we do, we don’t know where to start. God has a purpose for each of us and in fulfilling that, we will find fulfillment in life. Psalms says, “I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.” When we cry out to God, He listens; if we listen, He will respond. Today, if you are seeking fulfillment and purpose in life, spend more time with God and connect with others in His name, and your purpose will begin to become clearer.

“I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.” – Psalm 57:2 ESV

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