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Monday, October 9th, 2017

Over the weekend a few stories broke that can easily be summed up as just gossip or schoolyard fights, something that has actually become the norm in politics and current events today. When men and women would disagree in decades before, those with honor would never stoop so low to attack the person, only their ideas, logic, or political position. Unfortunately, the first place politicians attack now is the other person, with the goal being to undermine their credibility through their sin or past mistakes. By slandering each other, judging each other, and sometimes even hating each other, we are all responsible for how low our national discourse has fallen. In Proverbs, it says, "Whoever conceals hatred with lying lips and spreads slander is a fool." We are all sinners, so in Proverbs, one the worst things you can be is a sinful fool -- someone who willfully sins and thinks nothing of the consequences. There are many things about which we can agree or disagree in life, but there is only one fit to judge us for the way we lived our lives. Just as it was on our guard that our national discourse devolved to its current state, so it is our responsibility to elevate it back towards Jesus. Today, forgive those you feel animosity towards because of their opinions and/or life choices. Embrace Jesus as the way we all will find peace in life.

"Whoever conceals hatred with lying lips and spreads slander is a fool." -- Proverbs 10:18 NIV

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